Bottled in America

CouchLock™ is proudly bottled in the U.S.A. Our CEO is geared up and on the assembly line for all fill runs, to ensure you are getting the best quality control and product available.
CouchLock mango myrcene


CouchLock™ proudly start with Mango Fruit Extract and then we add Beta Myrecene to super charge the benefits, making it convenient and more effective then eating a Mango.
CouchLock contains Kanna


CouchLock™ is the only 2oz shot with Kanna in it. Kanna is considered a strong potentiator for other psychoactive herbal materials and has many other notable benefits.
CouchLock charity

Social Good

CouchLock™ believes in the many benefits of cannabis and supports the movement to end prohibition by contributing to the organizations that present cannabis in a positive light..


Maybe you’re not sure what shot to buy or you just want to try all three today. Whatever the reason, this option makes it super easy to place a quick order for 2 bottles of HighVoltage™, 2 bottles of MagnaHigh™ and 2 bottles of CouchLock™. Just click, check out and your order with ship the same day if placed before 2pm EST. As an added bonus, we will throw in an extra bottle and an Ivanna Blaze lighter.


A picture says a thousand words, but videos are just so much more fun to watch.  Take a look at some of the videos our fans have posted about their experiences drinking KannaBliss™
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Fan Photos

We love our fans and they love us. Take a few minutes and check out the pictures our fans have sent us. We also have pictures from some of our media events mixed in as well.
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Supplement Facts

We have spent almost a year researching and testing various formulas to get the perfect balance to our proprietary blend. Here is a very detailed breakdown of each ingredient  
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Functional Drinks

We do NOT contain any bath salts, spice, synthetic pot or any other marijuana alternatives.  All our ingredients are G.R.A.S. under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
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Read about the products

  • HighVoltage

    Our 2oz HighVoltage supplement was created with just the right amount of caffeine, hops and other herbs for you and your bud. Contains about the same amount of caffeine as a premium cup of coffee, so the combination of these powerful proven ingredients will give you that much needed boost of energy any time you want it. Since we do not use ephedra, you only get a jolt of energy without the jitters. Need a pick up in the morning? A push in the afternoon.? Motivation to go out? Open and drink a shot about 30 minutes before your preferred activities. Designed specifically for the smokin’ enthusiast, but very effective on its own.
  • CouchLock

    Our 2oz CouchLock supplement was created with just the right amount of melatonin, chamomile, hops and other herbs just for you and your bud. The combination of these powerful proven ingredients will help relieve stress, without any side effects the next day. Open and drink a shot about 30 minutes before your preferred activities. Enjoy an evening of inner calmness, better sleep and vivid dreams. Designed specifically for the smokin’ enthusiast, but very effective on its own.
  • MagnaHigh

    Our 2oz MagnaHigh supplement combines just the right amount of L-thiamin with our proprietary blend just for you and your bud. Of all three formulas, we consider this our functional version without added caffeine or melatonin. The L-thenine helps you remain focused, which makes it perfect to take during the middle of the day, when you just need to deal with the little details of your life. Open and drink a shot about 30 minutes before your preferred activities. Designed specifically for the smokin’ enthusiast, but very effective on its own.

Read what others are writing

  • When I first heard about this drink that was supposed to make me get a lot {edit} I was skeptical to say the least, but I was a changed man after just half a sample. This amazing drink I am talking about is the Kanna+Bliss line of drinks from CouchLock...... ..... One ounce of couchlock later and we was both smoking a bowl together. The first hit she was a bit surprised but not taken back, I realized my first hit was significantly harder hitting than normal. Well my wife took a second hit that night and was done and she is a heavy smoker as well. I took over and took three more hits before I called it a night and I have been enjoying my medicine much more since then. .... I am still getting the effects of an increased {edit} after drinking them about 20 minutes before I smoke....I have yet to try this with tinctures but give me time and I will report back to you if it enhances the effects as well. ... I have never found a product that I can so strongly get behind.. READ THE FULL REVIEW ON                     WWW.BIGHEMPY.COM         .
    Joshua "Big Hempy" McGuire
  • Just had my first HighVoltage Kanna+Bliss & I wanted to let you know I'm a fan! I just got back from a nice walk with the dogs and now I'm going to do a little laundry while I cheerfully balance my checkbook. Thanks for introducing me to such an amazing product, Signed, A happy girl from Texas p.s. I also just programmed a remote control successfully (and THAT is pretty flipping amazing for me)  
  • Tasted good - like a tropical drink. I drank it by itself first to see how I'd feel, and I definitely felt more relaxed than I had before. Then I vaporized, and holy cow... I actually got TOO {edit} . (Note to self -- you do NOT have to vaporize as much as usual if you drink Cannabliss). The effects also seemed to stay strong and last much longer than normal.
    Ann L.
  • This product was tested & researched for over a year with the goal of maximizing the effects of THC and other cannabinoids, and now that it has been released to the public, I thought I’d give it a try. A tasty mango drink that increases your high. Yes, you read that right. Drink this little bottle about 30 minutes before you smoke, and you’ll be high all night. What’s the secret? Myrcene, a chemical found in mangoes. While most relaxation drink companies add melatonin, this company’s goal was to create something that would really work without all the excess ingredients. KANNABLISS is the result. I drank mine at about 10pm and smoked around 10:30pm. After only finishing half a bowl of schwag (thanks, Ohio), I was toasted. Getting high off of a half of bowl of low-grade weed is a miracle. I felt my body melt into the chair after about a half hour. Even after eating, which usually destroys my high, I was still stoned. I stayed high off that half a bowl for about 3 or 4 hours, then smoked the rest, and stayed stoned until I went to bed. I also slept way better than I usually do. Overall, this product is amazing. It made my high stronger, last longer, and it helped me sleep so much better. The owner of CouchLock is a great guy, and I look forward to testing future products & writing reviews about his upcoming products.
  • Woo I loove CouchLock! Here's my review :) only cuz it's on my picture: When my package from CouchLock arrived I was super exited to test out this wonderful drink and see what the excitement was about. I shook the bottle well and drank at around 9:10 in the morning. You can taste all the natural ingredients like the mango flavor. It was great :) 30 minutes later I inhaled a smoke cone stuffed with Arjan Haze, one of my favorite strains :) soon I felt a permanent smile come across my face and felt the effects 10x stronger. Kanabliss totally enhanced my high that lasted long through out my day as I did errands and even ate! The effects were still present. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to everyone out there. I can't wait to test out future products! Keep it up CouchLock!<3couchlock_crystal
    Crystal OG
  • Henry Hemp Approved! We Love Couch Lock! See more in this Magical world of wounders! Twist, Drink, Smoke! Click Play, Then Enjoy!couchlock_henryhemp
    Henry Hemp
  • Submitted on 2012/03/08 at 3:14 pm
    Being a smoker for many years, I found my buzz didn’t last as long as it used to. I heard about Couchlock, seeked it out and tried it. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! My buzz lasted about 3-4 hours longer than normal and I truly became “couchlocked”. The flavor is great too! If you are a connoisseur of herbage, I HIGHLY recommend this product for your arsenal. I know it will be in mine!!422970_10150591706002950_606102949_9196368_2130230896_n

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